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‘Fallen Heroes’: story published in ‘Ireland’s Own’ magazine.

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The picture above shows the heading for my story ‘Fallen Heroes’ which is published in ‘Ireland’s Own’ weekly magazine – the Sept. 12th issue. (Available in shops from 3/04/14)  The story deals with a group of Tipperary people listening  to the 1963 Munster Hurling final between Tipperary and Waterford  on a transistor in the days before such games were televised. Tipperary had won back to back  All Ireland hurling championship in ’61 and 62. Consequently, they were overwhelming favourites to brush their opponents, Waterford,  aside and go on to win a third consecutive  All Ireland. It didn’t turn out that way. Tipperary were beaten and knocked out of the championship by an unfancied Waterford team.  In the story I tried to recreate the see-sawing emotions of the men and boys as they try to visualise the action during the final minutes of the game as their team tries, and fails, to score the goal that will earn them a replay.  And afterwards, of course, there is searing disappointment followed by anger and recriminations.  And at the end, having to endure the taunts of a Corkman as he rejoices in Tipp’s defeat.

Later on I will post the story on my blog page.

The story is an excerpt adapted  from my book ‘Scenes from an Indian Summer’ which I hope to publish soon.


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