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John’s book ‘Scenes from an Indian Summer’ to be published soon.


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This is a short post letting people know that my manuscript ‘Scenes from an Indian Summer’ will be published this year, probably within the next few months.  It will be published by Wordsonthestreet, a small, independent literary publisher, based in Galway. It is being prepared for publication at the moment. There is a lot of work involved in getting the manuscript into book form, what with editing, copy-editing, reading final proofs,  cover design and lots of technical stuff that I know absolutely nothing about.

It has required some persistence in overcoming rejections and  getting here to the point of publication, so let’s hope there are no complications after it all.

I now have to plan for a book launch in Fethard when it is finally ready for publication, which will be another challenge – a nice one to have, admittedly.

More information later.


7 thoughts on “John’s book ‘Scenes from an Indian Summer’ to be published soon.

  1. Brilliant news John.

  2. Best of luck with it John

  3. Well done John. Best of luck going forward

  4. great stuff, a good start for the new year

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