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Some Photos from ‘Over The Edge’ reading at Galway city library.

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On Thursday, July 9th I read some excerpts from my soon to be published book ‘Scenes from an Indian Summer’  at Galway city library.  The reading was organised by ‘Over The Edge’ a professional group which is involved in running literary events in the city with assistance from the Galway Arts Council.

It was a nerve-wracking experience for me – never having read anything of my own in public – but it was well received by the large crowd in attendance.  I know that I’ve had lots of experience at the Abymill with Fethard Players and it helped, but this was a bit different to playing in front of  a sympathetic home crowd.  Anyway, it went well.

I’ve added a few photos of the event below.

Galway reading 1

Waiting anxiously for the reading to get under way. John Fogarty, Lorne Patterson, Eamon Carr & Maire T. Robinson.

Galway reading 2

Listening attentively.

Galway reading 3

Reading excerpts from ‘Scenes from an Indian Summer’- a group of very serious American literature students to my left!

Galway reading

Reading from ‘Scenes from an Indian Summer.’






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